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Business & Finance

When your company is ready to expand into a new international market, or your plan to introduce your products to a multi-lingual audience – Transl8 Language Solutions will help you bridge language and cultural barriers.

Experts of Transl8 Language Solutions will ensure that your negotiations, presentations and international communication go smoothly, opening new business opportunities for your company.

See below detailed description of most requested services in the business and financial areas.


Transl8 Language Solutions
provides exact and terminologically correct translations for the business industry in over 60 languages including all major Asian, Eastern and Western European languages. Our translations can be notarized and certified for acceptance by any corporation or government agency in the United States or abroad.
We also review previously translated documents and provide notarized certifications of accuracy. If necessary, we correct errors, omissions and imprecise terminology to allow you to better protect your clients’ interests.

From technical documents to legal contracts, we offer certified translation service you can rely on.

Translation of:
• Contracts, Fact sheets
• Financial statements, Annual reports
• Projections, Pension plans
• Manuals, Technical documents
• Feasibility studies
• Proposals and Bids
• Government reports
• Expert reports
• Focus group transcripts
• Legal disclaimers, Training materials
• Website and Software localization
• Patent and trademark filings

Transl8 Language Solutions offers professional expertise in online, international and technology marketing.
We provide critical assistance in expanding your brand awareness in international marketplaces. Our language and technical experts ensure a uniform message across languages while providing sensitive cultural insight in order to ensure your content is relevant and effective.
Transl8 Language Localization services enable you to deliver products, web sites, software, games, marketing materials, multimedia, and training and eLearning content in hundreds of languages and locations.

Transl8 Language Solutions knows how to speak directly to your target audience.

Internationalization of:

• Websites and Multi-media Materials
• Video Games
• Software
• Online and Mobile Application
• Functional and Performance Testing
• QA

Transl8 Language Solutions provides both simultaneous, consecutive and sign language interpreting. Whether you are planning a business meeting, focus group discussion, or conference, we facilitate successful communication. Transl8 Language Solutions employs professional interpreters with a minimum of 3-5 years of business, financial and technical experience.
We also offer simultaneous interpreting and conference equipment to support the infrastructure of the large-scale events.

We guarantee impeccable accuracy for all of your company’s interpretation needs.

Simultaneous and Consecutive
Interpreting for:

• Negotiations and Presentations
• Conferences and Training sessions
• Focus group discussions
• Technical meetings
• Science conventions
• Workshops seminars
• Depositions

Transl8 Language Solutions offers various cross-cultural consulting programs and language training courses for corporations, private clients and government organizations.
Transl8 Language Proficiency Evaluations are tailored to help our clients recognize and build upon multi-lingual skills of their employees. We provide expert assistance in learning to speak new languages, understanding the nuances of other cultures and expanding business opportunities with customers that are non-English speakers.

Transl8 Language Solutions is your most effective language assessment, consulting and training partner!

Language assessment types:
• Verbal (Oral)
• Reading
• Writing
• Comprehension (Listening)
Types of language training courses:
• General
• Intensive
• Immersion
• Online /Tele-courses


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