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If you are still not sure about the meaning of such words as globalization, internationalization, or localization, here is a list of definitions, which may help you get a better understanding of the whole translation process. These special terms are sometimes abbreviated to the first and last letters with a number that indicates how many letters there are in between.

Internationalization [i18n]

It is about creating a locate-independent source material by separating all language-specific and market-specific content from the core application. For software applications, video games and websites, i18n refers to code changes that are made to ensure that the end product is presented in a format accustomed to a target audience.

Localization [L10n]

Localization goes beyond traditional process of translation. In IT industry localization means adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text. An example is the use of different units of measurement, currency, date and time, phone numbers or addresses. Other examples involve page codes and characters (every alphabet is managed by different sets of characters: ASCII, ANSI, UNICODE, etc.). Localization allows for the correct use of a product, while respecting the end user’s cultural habits and expectations.

Globalization [g11n]

Some companies, like Microsoft, IBM and Sun Microsystems, use the term “globalization” for the combination of internationalization and localization. This term is also known as NLS (National Language Support or Native Language Support).So basically Globalization includes all the preparations needed in order to enter the international marketplace and optimize international success.

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