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Video Games Localization

Transl8 Language Solutions offer a range of professional services to game developers and publishers.

A localized version of a video game must provide players with the same gaming environment and experience as the main version. Traditionally game localization includes Translation, Localized Voice-over Recording, Asset Integration, and Linguistic Testing. All of these elements require high quality professional attention to guarantee satisfaction of an end user regardless of his/her location and native language.

Game Localization Models

  • Sim-ship localization is the process that will give the game a simultaneous worldwide release date in all supported languages. Localized versions are usually completed and in manufacture within two weeks of the gold date of the original version. It is best to plan the task at least 6 months in advance.
  • Post-gold localization is the process of localizing a game after the original version has been completed. It is a more straightforward, it easier on budget.

Levels of Game Localization
The level of localization is usually dictated by sales projections for a game in the targeted territory.  It also depends on game type and genre, and how easy it is for players to understand it.

  • “Full” localization is used for story-driven RPG that is targeting a large language market. This type of localization covers user interface, in-game text, spoken audio, manual and support documents.
  • “Sub-titled” version may be considered for a similar game type targeting a smaller market. It covers localization of user interface, in-game text, manual and support documents, thus contributing to the bottom line by saving the cost of audio recording.
  • “Doco” version offers only translated manual. This option may be considered for an arcade racer, for example.

Localization of website and marketing materials are also vitally important for the overall success of the international game release.

Transl8 Language Solutions provides linguistic and technical support of both online and print marketing materials, delivering print-ready layout files for manuals, box and cover design, brochures, posters, etc.