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Legal Translation

  • Do you have clients or witnesses with limited English proficiency (LEP) and need a skilled translator or interpreter?
  • Is your company planning to expand into a new international market and looking for experts to translate and file your materials with the local trade commission?

Transl8 Language Solutions can help!

See below detailed description of most requested services in the Legal Field.


Transl8 Language Solutions provides exact and terminologically correct
translations for the legal industry. Translations are available in over 60
and can be notarized and certified for acceptance by any
court or government agency in the United States or abroad. Our
linguists are carefully chosen and rigorously tested.

We guarantee qualified translators, editors and reviewers for every job,
thus ensuring that even very complex legal information is conveyed
accurately and effectively. Transl8 Language Solutions will proofread
your previously translated documents and provide notarized certifications
of accuracy. We will correct errors, omissions and imprecise
terminology to allow you to better protect your clients’ interests.

From court documents to legal contracts, we offer a legal document translation service you can rely on.

• Contracts
• Court and witness transcripts
• Depositions
• Legal disclaimers
• Confidentiality agreements
• Legal certifications and statements
• Affidavits Regulations and laws
• Government and legal ruling reports
• Patent and trademark filings
• Letters of credit
• Technical documents
• Licenses
• Registration documents
• Expert reports
• Litigation Arbitration

Transl8 Language Solutions provides both simultaneous and consecutive
interpreting. Whether you are planning to take depositions in
a complex international litigation, cross-examine a witness in a trial,
or prep a witness who does not speak English, we facilitate communication
at all stages of the legal process.
Transl8 Language Solutions employs professional interpreters with a
minimum of 3-5 years of legal experience. All our interpreters are bound
by a professional confidentiality and corporate non-disclosure agreement.
Transl8 Language Solutions fully respects attorney-client

Transl8 Language Solutions guarantees impeccable accuracy for all of your law office’s interpretation needs.

Interpreting for:
• Depositions
• Simultaneous Interpreting
• Trials
• Mediation
• Interviews
• Medical exams

Transl8 Language Solutions offers quality verbatim audio-to-text
transcriptions for the legal industry. Our industry-specific, experienced
transcribers can handle projects of any size.

You can expect Transl8 Language Solutions to transform your audio
recordings into a professional legal transcript with attention to every
detail. Transl8 Language Solutions works with more than 30 types of
media, including analog tapes, discs, digital files and electronic files.
Your transcriptions are delivered via secure data transfers using 128-bit
encryption, confidential secure server, or courier hand delivery of hard
copy or digital files.

When every word counts, Transl8 Language Solutions provides most reliable language service!

Transcription services for:
• Legal proceedings
• Deposition Summaries
• Interrogations
• Legal Examinations
• Interviews and Meetings
• Teleconferences
• Public hearings and Arbitration

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