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Our Pricing Policy

Transl8 provides customized language solutions. Each project is unique, and so its cost. Here are the main price components for document translation service:

  • Size of a document (in words)
  • Target language(s)
  • Subject matter
  • Time frame of the project
  • Type of source document and deliverable
  • Additional services

For example, some of our projects may seem “large” in size but the content may be simple and will not require the use of specific terminology. Other projects can be “small” but highly complex and require several rounds of proofreading in addition to a very tight deadline. In other words, we price projects based on a dynamic scale, which involves the following steps:

  1. Initial project evaluation and estimation
  2. Discussing terms of delivery and payment
  3. Adjusting initial estimate and providing client with a final quote
  4. Receiving signed proposal /work order

We strive to honor negotiated terms of the evaluated project. There is no hidden cost or additional charges that appear after your project has began. Our clients are our partners and we work to make our cooperation a mutual success.

  • Transl8 doesn’t work with “generalized quotes”. Our proposals are customized based on individual needs of each client.
  • Transl8 always provides transparent itemized proposals so our clients know exactly what is included in our price.
  • Transl8 never goes beyond agreed cost of a project.
  • Special terms and discounts are available for long-term clients and Language Service Agreements (LSA).

We pay equally close attention to highly commercial projects and non-for-profit charity ones alike.

Transl8 Pricing Policy

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