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Info Needed For Quotation

Helpful Tips For Getting Quick and Accurate Quotation

In order to prepare for you an accurate cost estimate Transl8 Language Solutions asks that you provide as much detail as possible when you submit your request.

For translation and localization projects please provide us with the following information:

  • Source and target languages
    What language your content is in now and into what language(s) it is to be translated? (e.g. English to Spanish and Chinese translation)
  • Subject matter of your document
    Select from a simple list of subjects, or specify in “other” field to help us select a linguist experienced in your exact area.
  • Target Market
    What is target audience for this translated content? (e.g. Clinical researchers in Spain)
  • Format of the source document
    (e.g. Word; Excel; web-based files—.html, .asp, .jsp, .xml, etc.); Flash; Quark; FrameMaker; etc.)
  • Desired format of the deliverable
    At the end of the project what do you want to receive as a final product? (e.g. same file type as the original source file; only translated text files which we will use to rebuild our website)
  • Estimated length of the source document
    (e.g. all of the files combined contain approximately 50,000 words and 250 pages)
  • Additional details about your project
    Please provide us with more details about nature of your project/document, your objectives and/or business challenges. Also, please indicate if you require additional services, such as proofreading, document formatting, or desktop publishing. Please also indicate if you would like to provide more detailed specifications for the translators, an approved glossary, or similar documents that have previously been translated and/or are currently in use in your organization.


File transfer
For large files or sets of files (like sets of website files), Transl8 will setup an FTP site to enable simple transfer of your files to our server.

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