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Preparing Text For Translation

How To Prepare Your Text For Translation

Establishing relationships with your translation agency before beginning of your project is a good idea. At Transl8 Language Solutions we guide our clients through preliminaries to ensure smooth and effective development of each project.
Here are several important steps:

  1. Assign a key person in your office, who will be handling all communication on the project (answering technical questions, approving changes and text edits, etc.) and working hand-in-hand with Transl8 Language Solutions Project Manager.

  3. Decide what will be your target region, country and market; and what languages will be most important. Experts of Transl8 Language Solutions will gladly assist in narrowing down your list of target languages and dialects.

  5. Prepare all relevant technical documentation and background materials that may help in accurate translation and provide it to Transl8 Language Solutions along with original text.

  7. Keep the original text simple and limit the use of abbreviations and acronyms. Specify if product names should be translated.

  9. Remember that humor and language clichés as well as references to trends, local TV shows, etc. strongly depend on cultural background. Try to avoid them or allow our linguists find appropriate alternative suitable for specific target audience.

  11. Find out what print size will your end product be. Please note that standard international publications are A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) size, which is slightly different from American standard (8.5 in x 11 in).

  13. Provide clear, complete specifications for the text layout and design, including typesetting specifications, and allow room for expansion of foreign language text.

  15. If you are handling the typesetting in house, we suggest that you send your formatted foreign language versions to Transl8 Language Solutions for proofreading before sending it to a printer or to a foreign publication to avoid costly mistakes.

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