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Working for the good cause: The Dhamma Brothers movie

July 18, 2011 by
Filed under: Subtitling, Translation 

We are happy to announce that this project is finally completed and released on TV, and also available on DVD.

This is a story of the powerful convergence of an overcrowded, understaffed, maximum-security prison and an ancient meditation practice called Vipassana.  Witness the transformation of inmates into Dhamma brothers as they learn to understand themselves as well as others.

From the film synopsis:

The Dhamma Brothers tells a dramatic story of human potential and transformation as it closely follows and documents the stories of a group of prisoners as they enter into this arduous program. It will challenge assumptions about the very nature of prisons as places of punishment rather than rehabilitation. Despite the difficulty in obtaining permission to film inside a prison, the Alabama Department of Corrections allowed a film crew to document, not only the Vipassana program, but many other scenes and settings revealing the daily lives of prisoners and staff.

Before the Vipassana retreat, the men openly express fear and trepidation, wondering what they will find when they look deeply within and face the consequences of past actions and trauma…

The movie is in English with multi-language subtitles so you can share it with your friends around the world!

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