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4 Key Rules in achieving your goals…

… Especially when learning a new language!

Every new life experience brings new skills. New skills enrich our lives and make us stronger and more competitive, inspiring for self-development and professional growth. That would be so true in ideal world! In real life we are too busy with every-day routine, slowing our way into the future… Learning a new language can be just the thing to get control over your own life! And here is how: Read more

Why does a Translator need to be a Linguist?

What makes a professional linguist?

For starters, linguists:

  • Are bilingual (or multi-lingual) speakers; not just capable in another language but fluent
  • Have advanced knowledge of the technical aspects of language, possess an understanding of sociolinguistics, which is the understanding of speakers’ backgrounds (socioeconomic group, degree of education, age, etc.) based on how they speak.
  • Maintain specialization in a certain area such as legal translations, medical, IT/Telco, automotive, etc.
  • Have experience doing professional translations

So, it is one thing to be bilingual or ‘fluent’ in the language, but to understand the underlying message and intent of the words is something much deeper altogether.

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When it comes to translating, it’s the little things that count.

Too many companies, not anticipating the sometimes subtle differences between countries and continents, send their products abroad without sufficient prior research. Later, they wonder why the sales results don’t match expectations.

Here’s a collection of real-life mistakes and some examples of machine translation, a technology that isn’t quite capable of all that’s often claimed for it. Read more

Top 10 Languages to translate your Website into!

When you’re looking to expand your market share and present your products to the broader international audience you have to do your homework in regards to your target audience. Knowing what are the fastest growing regions in the world will help you to position your website correctly and tap into the right markets.

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Volcano Terminology

April 30, 2010 by · 3 Comments
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For some reason there is a great deal of interest in volcanoes at the moment. Unfortunately, there are not many bilingual or multilingual glossaries available relating to this subject.

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What is the future of English?

April 14, 2010 by · 1 Comment
Filed under: Globalization 

English is distinguished from other languages by having very significant numbers of non-native speakers.

It’s clear that globalization is making English especially important in universities and in the areas such as computing, diplomacy, medicine, shipping, and entertainment. No language is currently being learned by more people — there may soon be 2 billion actively doing so — and the desire to learn it reflects a desire to be plugged into a kind of “world brain.”

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Globalization – more reasons than ever to learn a new language.

April 5, 2010 by · 4 Comments
Filed under: Globalization, Translation 

“English is a tool, just like a piece of technology. Much of the world’s economy is tied up in English-speaking countries and for that reason, English is like a cell phone provider offering the best plan. But if the dollar continues to drop, the most viable option could shift.” John Hayden, president of Versation, a social networking site for English language learners around the world, states.

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